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"It all started with an Idea"

"Our goal has always been to keep our clients Protected"

"We stand with you side by side to maintain your valuable assets away from any potential infangement"

Your ideas, your innovations and your brand are the most valuable corporate assets become increasingly intangible, it is essential to identify and solve intellectual property-related issues arising in complex corporate transactions.

Our IP practice understands that these assets make your business unique, and we know how to protect them. Protecting our clients is our major mission, nevertheless their intellectual property rights. In the past few years intellectual property rights infringement has become widespread, which surely needs due diligence and ultimate protection.

Clients looking to our Intellectual Property Transactions practice for guidance on intellectual property (IP) issues arising in all types of corporate and financial transactions, they help forge business empires, cure disease, inspire enduring creative work – and much more.

Ideas generate IP. And because they’re at the root of innovation and growth, they deserve the very best protection.

Egypt is also a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and has amended the I.P. laws to harmonize them with the compulsory provisions of the Agreement on Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property (TRIPs).

Our expertise helps you to protect your IP portfolio and enforce your IP rights worldwide. You’ll put your IP in the safe hands of specialist lawyers who cut their teeth at the forefront of pioneering technology and in well-known, IP-rich companies. So you’ll always have access to a team rich in real world experience – and real industry insight.

Then it’s about going further. Mastering the detail. Simplifying and clarifying. Connecting with you to immerse ourselves in your IP challenges. And generating answers that can give you a competitive edge.


  • We recognize the true value of your IP assets, your ideas and your future.
  • Enabling you to focus on your business, your brand and the difference you make.
  • Through selective recruitment and training, we have built a practice of lawyers with outstanding legal and technical credentials. Our intellectual property attorneys are registered to practice before the Egyptian Patent & Trademark Office.


for all patent, trademark, copyright, internet and social media, and false advertising needs, and we manage these practices as an integrated whole.

Here in the information age, virtually all intellectual creations can be protected by some form of intellectual property law. They guard those innovations using a number of different strategies best suited for each client’s business application, including:






Industrial designs


Utility models




Domain names


Apps, software, source codes, websites

Our Practice Areas


Over 250 patent Applications filed over the last 2 years for 75 clients


handled over 80 Patent, Trademarks, and Copyright Cases


Over 2000 Trademark Applications filed over the last 2 years

IP Consultancy

Issued more than 150 IP Consultancy Matters


Managing Over 100 Copyright Works over the last 2 years

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