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Today’s world is governed by knowledge, characterized by technological progress, and overflowing with innovations.

That is due to human creativity in all aspects, which required recognition of these creators’ right to own their ideas. This form of ownership became known as “intellectual property rights.” This demands the necessity of protection in all forms and varieties to preserve those rights.

At IP GATE, we have the expertise, knowledge, specialization, skill, and qualified professionals to protect our client’s intellectual property rights. This is our duty to our clients and our mission at IP GATE.

Mr. Alaa Akl

IP Gate Co-Founder Partner

Mr. Tamer Zohdy

IP Gate Co-Founder Partner

in the information age, virtually all intellectual creations can be protected by some form of intellectual property law. we guard those innovations using a number of different strategies best suited for each client’s business application. we recognize the true value of your IP assets, ideas, and future. Enabling you to focus on your business, your brand, and the difference you make.

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