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Industrial Designs

Industrial designs are the visual Properties of the manufactured object, such as its shape, colors, patterns or lines.
In order to protect your industrial model or industrial patent aesthetic features from being copied whether partially or fully, registration is required in order to be protected from infringement.
The registration of an industrial design privileges a monopoly to the ornamental aspects only of the design, which varies between 10 and 25 years, depending on the country, the manufacturing, the sale and/or the importation of the protected object.
As a team built up of lawyers, patent and trade-marks agents, we have all the tools to assist designers and creators in registering their industrial designs in Egypt and worldwide. Therefore, our mission is to assist designers and creators in all stages related to the protection of their designs. To do so, we offer designers/creators a wide range of services, including:

  •  Conduct searches on the state of the art and its ability to be registered.
  •  Conduct analysis and issue opinions on ability to be registered, validity and/or on the infringement of industrial designs.
  •  Drafting, preparation, filing, prosecution and maintenance of industrial design registration applications in Egypt, MENA region, Europe and worldwide.
  •  Renewal of industrial designs in Egypt and abroad.
  •  Drafting of purchase and sale agreements and other industrial design transfers.
  •  Negotiation and drafting of license agreements, assignments and security agreements.
  •  Perform due diligence and industrial design audits.
  •  Defend against infringement allegations and enforce industrial designs’ rights against infringers before the Courts.
  •  Develop strategies for applicants, whether national or international.
  •  Monitoring and follow-up of industrial designs’ applications.

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