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Intellectual Property Arbitration

As one of the fastest growing dispute resolution mechanisms in the world, arbitration is highly compatible with the fast pace trend of the modern day business world. With its quick and economical qualities, arbitration is the smart choice to solving a wide range of commercial disputes.
IP GATE International Arbitration sector is a cross-border, integrated, multi-disciplinary team with an in-depth knowledge of arbitration as a dispute resolution mechanism and a comprehensive understanding of key industry sectors. The sector has a truly international feel, operating throughout all of the major financial cities in the world.
IP GATE has arbitration experts in its offices, offering knowledge of both civil law and commercial law traditions, and expertise in all of the major languages in which international arbitration is commonly conducted. We operate as a single, integrated team. We represent companies, including some of the world’s largest entities, and high net worth individuals. We practice in all of the world’s major arbitration centers, and under all major applicable legal systems, including under the rules of the world’s leading arbitral institutions (ICC, LCIA, AAA/ICDR, CIETAC, ICSID, and WIPO) and in ad hoc arbitrations (UNCITRAL). Our lawyers have decades of experience in handling disputes both as counsel and arbitrators under all major international arbitration rules.
We can guide you through the complexities of arbitration proceedings with simple language. We also assist with the selection of arbitrators, with the enforcement of awards, and deal with general challenges and execution of arbitral and judicial intermediary relief.
Our teamwork has a good experience in this field as considering the arbitration a viable option for a settlement rather than resorting to the courts, we have the ability to resolve disputes as friendly instead of choosing other alternatives, which leaves unhappy effects, as well as we are fully committed to all laws and references local and international Arbitration.
Our strength in international arbitration across Egypt and the Middle East is recognized by clients, directories and the international arbitration community.

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