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Intellectual Property Litigation

When your competitive mental assets are under attack, you can turn to our intellectual property litigation team. IP Gate Attorneys are well positioned to defend your intellectual property, with our firm’s combination of some of Egypt’s most respected litigators and one of the best full-time intellectual property professionals.
Surprising as it may seem, many neglect to protect their inventions, industrial designs, domain names, trade-marks, and works subject to copyright laws. In many cases, this lack of protection allows unauthorized commercial use of your inventions and creations, causing you serious financial losses.
Given the considerable resources invested to acquire intellectual property rights, these rights should be properly protected, promoted and defended.
We support our creative clients not only in obtaining intellectual property rights, but also by making these rights effective against third parties. We also defend clients wrongly accused of infringing intellectual property of others.
Our team of intellectual property litigators benefits from a collaborative and interactive relation with our internal patent and trade-marks agents. This synergy allows us to support the diverse needs of all our clients and provide added value to our services.
You need an international service? We are able to offer you a wide range of intellectual property services in the majority of countries throughout the depth and reliability of our global network of associates.
In particular, we offer the following services,

  •  Development of your protection strategy
  •  Opposition to an application to register a trade-mark
  •  Cancellation of a registered trade-mark
  •  Appeals in unfair competition and counterfeiting (patent, trade-mark, industrial design, copyright)
  •  Extraordinary measures (seizure, injunction and safeguard order)
  •  Action in damages
  •  Assistance in litigation proceedings in cases of domain name cybersquatting
  •  International, national and local arbitration.
    Whether one likes it or not, it is not always possible to avoid litigation and several elements are out of your control. Fortunately, you can choose your litigation lawyer!
    Our litigators work with intellectual property professionals to make sure you choose the best strategy and achieve results as close as possible to your business goals.

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