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Your inventions, innovations and creations are the most valuable asset that makes you stand in the competitive​ market. Our patent experts come from business background; we know the value of each penny, second, and joule spent on any patent in order to realize such technology. Besides the publication of an invention and the protection afforded by it make a valuable contribution to technological progress. Our strong legal knowledge with all the International treaties and laws governing patents worldwide makes us the best IP advisors for your business. Since then we understand the importance of protecting your patents through our various list of services we provide, in cooperation with our partners in the five continents, such as:


  1.  Preparing and prosecuting patent applications to
  2.  obtain patents for domestic and international clients.
  3.  Conducting patentability, non-infringement, clearance and validity studies.
  4.  Performing due diligence investigation and evaluation of patent portfolios involved in business and corporate transactions.
  5.  Assisting clients in the development, management and monetization of patent portfolios to support clients’ business objectives.
  6.  Negotiating patent licensing agreements, helping structure licensing deals and evaluating licensing offers.
  7.  advising and assisting clients in their acquisition and transfer of patent rights and interests in inventions from inventors and companies
  8.  Enforcing clients’ patent rights and counseling clients on effective and economically efficient enforcement strategies.
  9.  Evaluating third parties’ infringement allegations and counseling clients on defending against infringement law suits.
  10.  Conducting patent searches of third party’s patents, advising on validity and enforceability of third party’s patents and other intellectual property rights, counseling clients on avoiding infringement of others’ patents and other intellectual property rights.
  11.  Counseling clients on patent matters, including any potential infringement risks, in proposed M&A transactions, and investment deals.

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