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Our team understands the strategic value of trademarks and the critical importance of thinking tactically about the complete life cycle of a mark within the context of each client’s business and legal goals.
As the Brand recognition is the core of business and the success indicator for any entity that takes lots of time, money and effort to be achieved either on the national or the international level. But this success can no longer exist if your trademark is under attack with no protection, once it’s infringed or copied, as your trademark is who you are. The team’s decades-long track record of success has shown that brand protection involves much more than just trademark registration, such as;


  •  Trademark registration to help our clients protect their businesses.
  •  Protecting trademarks from infringement claims.
  •  Opposing trademark registrants who may wish to limit your ability to use your own marks.
  •  Providing transactional advice and due diligence in the evaluation and management of intellectual property in acquisitions, mergers, financings and bankruptcies.
  •  Negotiating and drafting licenses, franchise agreements, web development agreements and e-commerce agreements
  •  Litigating trademark disputes.

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